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Our commitment to the environment


Latex balloons

At BILLYBOWS we only use top quality, biodegradable latex balloons. 

Although latex balloons are biodegradable and can be put into your everyday rubbish bin, once in landfill, they can take up to 8 years to break down!

Big celebrations such as weddings and corporate events, can create a large amount of unwanted balloons at the end of the occasion, We feel that responsible disposal is essential to protect the environment, therefore, in our commitment to the environment we are happy to dispose of these for you.


We have all of our used latex balloons collected by a licensed waste carrier. These are then incinerated and energy is generate the waste!

Please let us know when booking your event, if you would like us to responsibly dispose of your unwanted balloons for you.

Foil balloons

Foil balloons – also known as Mylar balloons, are made from a plastic/nylon synthetic material that is recyclable but is not biodegradable. It’s vital that you recycle foil balloons to avoid them ending up in landfill where they won’t break down.


In most cases, you can deflate it, remove any plastic or latex, and recycle the foil with other aluminium often in your household recycling bin. 

Another option is to take it to your nearest Card Factory shop! Participating stores have TerraCycle bins where you can recycle foil balloons and air walkers, as well as the plastic packaging for such balloons.​

Once collected, your foil balloons are shredded and melted into plastic pellets that can be remolded into new products.


Dont let go!

Helium balloon releases

Over recent years, releasing helium balloons has been a popular way to mark an event, from weddings to funerals.They can certainly look impressive. However, releasing helium balloons poses a real threat to the environment.

Helium itself is not harmful to the environment, but what goes up must come down.The balloons will travel up until they pop, then they fall back down.This can be harmful to wildlife, especially bird and marine life. It's not just the balloon itself, the ribbons can cause harm too.

In our commitment to being socially responsible, BILLYBOWS do not support balloon releases and do not provide balloons that are to be used solely for this purpose.

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